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Gestalt approaches with organisations

Auteur('s) M. Spagnuolo Lobb and F. Meulmeester (eds.)
ISBN 978-88-98912-28-5
Jaar van verschijning 2019
Uitgeverij Instituto di Gestalt

This book is a collection of practical experiences and theoretical reflections of some skilled trainers, coaches and consultants, who for many years have been using the Gestalt approach in their work with organisations. Each chapter is followed by a comment of an expert of the organisational and/or Gestalt field. This structure provides both a dialectical frame of reference for Gestalt therapy work in organisations and practical tools for working in various situations. Gestalt concepts will powerfully contribute to the maintenance and care of the organisational work. The book is addressed to all organisational practitioners, coaches, consultants, counsellors and psychotherapists, who want to improve their skills to help people live better and give their best to the organisation they are part of. The aim is to support every one’s sense of active commitment to society and enable a creative contribution to it.

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